Saturday, March 8, 2014

Not starstruck

I met Tabra Tunoa today at Rainbow Bridge Jewelers, a fantastic jewelry store and gallery where you will find many limited edition and one of a kind jewelry. I love it - I almost feel like I shouldn't share this delicious local gem (pun intended) in Folsom, but I want them to stay in business. Just don't buy any pieces that I want!

Seriously though...I had a lot more fun talking to her than I thought I would. Tabra is so nice and affable. She currently lives in Bali and owns land in Costa Rica, intending to build an artist colony there. After I mentioned that I was born in the Philippines, we talked about her adventures in Cebu, where she used to visit alot, and has purchased a lot of cowri and other shells. She also mentioned that she bought a lot of bones there that she still uses for her jewelry. She only uses material that is farmed responsibly and ethically and never uses materials from endangered animals. I left after 2 hours (!) before realizing that I should've had my picture taken with her. I returned before the store closed and luckily it wasn't busy so Erin took this picture:

Well, this is my excitement for the year. This was the first time that I've ever met someone that I have only heard about and whose art I've admired. Starstruck? Not me - Tabra is too grounded for that. I am just glad that I took the chance to get to meet a really incredible person.