Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's not you, it's me

I love this post from Momastery:

I've often felt that being an introvert is a social stigma - kind of like you need to be an extrovert in order to succeed in life. I know this to be false but knowing this doesn't make feel better. I don't hide from the knock on the door, but I can definitely empathize with the struggle of "maintaining friendships". I am not the friend that enjoys daily phone calls. However, this doesn't mean that I don't think about you and wonder how you are doing. I think about you often, actually, and often look at the phone and think, hmmmm I wonder what she is doing. But then I justify not calling you because I think that you have more important things to do than talk to me on the phone - most of you have families, after all. In fact, I think that I am pretty low maintenance as far as a friends are concerned, and am happy with the occasional email that means that you are thinking about me. An occasional morning for coffee or breakfast would be nice too, but not necessary. 

Also, I don't like to discuss personal things that I am struggling with, unless it is something that I can realistically do something about. Case in point, I will complain about my lack of warm winter clothing. I can do something about this - just went shopping yesterday and found a new consignment store that I like (woohoo!). But I will not complain about the leaves in the backyard, because frankly, it will all decompose anyway and give me dirt for the spring. I have high hopes for a garden in 2014. Wish me good luck =) 

Also, in case you would rather see what it is like to be me in pictures:

I love this. 

Anyway, I hope this makes you understand me a little better. It's not you, it's me...