Saturday, July 23, 2011

All About the Lake

I made a second attempt (albeit half-hearted) at a sunrise picture. Well, I missed the sunrise. However, I did find a great place to take pictures at a nearby marina. Not wanting to pay the park fee, I took a $10 hike* down to the dock with my gear. It was a fabulous morning for pictures, don'tcha think?

* I call my hike down to the dock a $10 hike because if I had parked in the marina, it would have cost me $10 for the day's use. Well, I wasn't going to use the marina - I don't have a boat, and I wasn't going sailing...heck, I can't even swim. So I parked, instead on a street and hiked down to the water. Later, I used the $10 to buy fresh strawberries. It was a good morning.