Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ninebark In the Round: Part 1

I saw the Ninebark Cowl pattern in the most current Knitscene. First of all, I couldn't tell from the picture if the pattern would be for the top or the cowl. Hmmmm, it's for both. How intriguing!

When I read the articles in Knitscene and saw that some of the patterns were knit in one piece, and that there is an article that included patterns devoted to knitting in the round, I was sure that this pattern would follow this theme. Imagine my disappointed surprise that it was not! I mean, really, the body is simple with easy shaping. The pattern even states that the back portion should be knit like the front until you come to the armholes.

Armed with determination, I faced the challenge of rewriting the pattern for myself so that I would not have to seam more than I have to...meaning reinterpreting the directions so instead of going back and forth, I wrote it so that I would just repeat the written instructions twice on the same row i.e knitting the front and back at the same time. Wow, what an idea :/ Then would only need to seam the shoulders - woohoo!!

The original instructions were pretty clear, as far as I could tell. I wrote my directions on a scrap piece of paper. Basically, I doubled the number of CO stitches, minused 4 (for the end stitches that would be seamed), and for my particular size, I also subtracted 8 more stitches. I like wearing a size 34 bust and the pattern only has instructions for size 32 and 36 - what, no 34?? From there, I added in the shaping decreases and increases and repeated those directions. Like I said, just like knitting the front and the back at the same time.

When I reach the armholes, I will divide front and back by putting the back stitches on scrap yarn and then following the instructions as written. be continued...