Friday, March 26, 2010

EZ...not so easy for me

I like straightforward thinking involved (not too much anyway)...just give me the numbers and the instructions and I can pretty much knit anything. My dilemma now is that I really want to knit a seamless sweater in fair isle. My searches on Ravelry have yielded few free ones; I would have to invest in a pattern book...that is, unless I go to my library, pick up Knitting Workshop, and actually read and study Elizabeth Zimmerman's way of making a seamless fair isle sweater. I would have to measure and do the stitch counts myself. GAH.

Well, I have been obsessing over doing the fair isle technique for about 2 days, which is a lot of "obsessing" versus "doing" for me. In other words, I REALLY have to knit a fair isle project now. *sigh* Why can't I just "want" to do a scarf??