Tuesday, March 23, 2010

J's Fair Isle Hoodie: Knitting Pockets Backwards

So now I am on the pocket. I am not having to do as much calculating because, it is, after all, just a pocket. I was excited to start it, though, because it counts as a new technique that I can check off my "To Learn" knitting list. What I like about the hoodie's construction is that, in my opinion, the designer made it as seamless as possible and that includes the pocket. It is knit continuously from the body (i.e. not knit separately to be attached afterwards). Very cool.

Using my calculations, I was able to center it on the body. I thought to continue the Fair Isle pattern but decided against it. The shaping is taking a little bit of time because I want make sure that it is neither too big or too small, especially because the row gauge is different from the instructions.

I would also like to mention that I am knitting backwards with this part of the pattern. The project was getting really bulky and becoming a PITA to flip back and forth every single row. I haven't knit backwards since I learned how to knit entrelac a while ago. I thought I would attach the following videoclip to show how it is done: