Friday, August 27, 2010

Seams easy: Seaming videos

If you have been following my knitting exploits, you are well aware of my anxiety towards the idea of seaming my projects. My library is FULL of top-down and seamless projects. I do love the many patterns that are not written this way...but if I like the project enough, I will refigure the stitch-counts to make the pattern seamless. It's a sickness, I know. More often than not however, this backfires and I wind up giving up on the project and move onto another (seamless) project.

Anyhow...I have decided that I have to learn how to seam projects properly. I talked to one of my FLYS owners yesterday and she mentioned that you seam from the front. Huh, really???? That is probably why mine look really really bad. So I went onto Youtube this morning and found TONS of knitters seaming! OMG SO EASY!!!!

This is where I am compiling them. As of this date (8/27/2010) I have included 4, including the shoulder seam.

OMG I think I feel another project calling me - seamed! I can't wait.