Monday, August 2, 2010

Woohoo Fair Isle Fabulous

I am really proud of myself. I finished my first ever Fair Isle project. It's a gift so I am hesitant to post a picture in case the intended recipient sees it. I will probably post it on Ravelry. In case you are prone to guessing (Claudia - teehee) it is the Fake Isle Hat from Ravelry that you mentioned a few months ago. It was SO EASY, although it was a challenge to get into the groove with the Philosopher's Wool trick that I learned a few months ago. This site is definitely something you should check out if you want to do a Fair Isle project. Knitting-With-Two-Hands sounds difficult, but I promise (and I don't make these kinds of promises online very often) that you will feel VERY proud of yourself too when you actually finish a project this way. You may even impress your significant other who may pooh-pooh your fiber and yarn addiction...

Anyway, back to the hat... There were a few rows that had twisted stitches because I was still getting used to the two-hand knitting trick, but this was easily adjusted by knitting into the back loop, instead of the front. I want to make another one for my daughter and niece but with a different motif. I played around last night with my handy dandy gridded paper and created a heart motif. I am trying my hardest to make things that I will not have to buy more yarn for, and hats are great for this. I did buy just 2 skeins of white and off-white Plymouth Encore for the contrast colors, and I am going to use these with the other colors of Encore that I have. Hats are definitely in order for gifts this year. I only wish that my husband wore hats. If you spent as much time on your hair as my husband spends on his, I guess you wouldn't either. Haha.