Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Farmer

I had a bit of a surprise the other day. A few weeks ago, my daughter went to Fog Willow Farm where she received a pumpkin seed. The farmer encouraged her to plant it in some soil and a small Dixie cup, which they provided. She brought it home, watered it a bit and I placed it in our bay window in the kitchen. Once in a while, she remembered to water it; she used to get seeds for these "experiments" all the time, and the seeds never sprouted. To be honest, neither of us thought anything would come out of this seed. It would have been cool, but not a big deal.

Well, I glanced over at the cup the other day and lo and behold, the little seed sprouted. At first, it looked like just a leaf, and I thought that maybe one of my kids put it in there for whatever reason. I didn't mention it to my daughter. But yesterday, when it was clear that the plant was growing out of the soil, I showed my little girl. I told her that soon, we will have to transplant it outside, so that when the pumpkin is ready to grow, it will have room. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, knowing her) she was against this. Her reasoning? She doesn't want bugs to eat her pumpkin. After explaining that there is not way that a pumpkin can grow in a Dixie cup, she acquiesced...although she is still convinced that monster bugs are going to eat up her pumpkin.

We bought some cherries this weekend at the Farmer's Market. After eating them, she washed a seed and planted it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one...