Sunday, June 6, 2010


It is 5:43 on a Sunday morning. I have been awake since 4:00. I woke up thinking about the Elizabeth Zimmerman/Meg Swansen pattern that I just purchased yesterday called Box-the-Compass Yoke Sweater. It was a fairly expensive single pattern (considering that I usually buy magazines with at least 20 patterns) but I really really really like the way the yoke is designed, plus, being a Meg Swansen/EZ pattern, it probably has minimal finishing. There is something about the geometry of the design that catches my eye. Plus, the gauge listed on it is 5 stitches to the inch, which the worsted weight fabric that I really like.

I also appreciated the fact that the pattern itself is striped...and my mind wandered to the fact that I have a ton of partial skeins that I need to use in something, and since all of them are wool and wool blends, I couldn't use them in the dishcloth/towel project that I am involved in.

This musing led to the afghan that I want to make for my son and one later for my daughter. I thought of all the colors that I currently have in my stash and realized that my affinity towards dark and bold colors lead me to buy a lot of "boy" colors, rather than the pinks and purples that my daughter likes. Even the soft Lorna's Laces that I bought last year for a blanket for my mom (which, never materialized when I decided that I didn't like granny squares) were boyish in hue - greens, purples, dark reds, blues, and greys. I had originally intended to purchase a bunch of DK weight yarn, so that I could double up the yarn and make something like the Illusion Cube Blanket by Kirsten Hipsky. Ya gotta admit - cool illusion blanket. I came to my senses when I remembered that I promised myself never to double up yarn. I guess you can say that I am too much of a perfectionist and I have been known to frog entire projects when I see a glaring immperfection (see Lacey Tee project). At times, I change my mind and decide to use the yarn for an entirely different (undoubled yarn) project...When either of these happen, those two strands of yarn get tangled and I wind up cursing myself for such a stupid idea as double stranding. Then I got to thinking (in my half asleep state) that I really need to use up all of the worsted weight yarn that I have in my stash. My idea now is to to make squares from all of those partial skeins and seam them together. Yes SEAM them together. How hard, and time consuming, can that be? Ha! We'll see.