Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's the little things

I am home alone with the dogs, who are playing outside in the yard. My husband took our children to his mother's house yesterday and I don't expect them back for for a few hours. I woke up this morning to a quiet home, still neat from when I tidied up yesterday. I put the toys away and no one took them back out from the toy box. There was no arguing about what TV show to watch, no one asking for his 3rd bowl of cereal, no one asking to play with the PSP because her brother was bothering her. My knitting is still on the couch where I left it yesterday and I am not afraid that someone is going to accidentally jump on it and hurt himself (and break my needles in the process). I have a really good chance of folding and putting away the piles of laundry that I did yesterday because I know that there is very little chance that I am going to get interrupted by a someone wailing about a "sword" or Mario Brothers or about life not being fair. The house is quiet, the only sounds coming from my typing fingers and the refrigerator. I am going out today without someone crying to go with me; I may actually peruse through the book aisles and enjoy myself, not feeling guilty because I told someone that ", stay with daddy because mommy will be right back" when in actuality, I need a break from the kids and time for myself.

I am not a mother today. I am not a wife today. I am me today.

Now back to cleaning.