Sunday, May 2, 2010

Of Sleepovers and Sleep-laughing

My daughter went over to her best friend's house last night for her very first sleepover. I missed her laugh and her voice, humming in her room, sounds that I heard ever night while she waited to fall asleep. I will be calling her friend's house in a few minutes to agree on a time to pick her up. I am sure that she had a great time last night (less sure that she had a decent night's sleep), and positive that she will be asking that we host the next sleepover. She has some girl friends that she plays with every day at it is interesting to me that her first sleep over is with her best friend who is a boy. My mom will most likely think it is improper that she spend the night over a male friend's house...but they are 8 and I don't see the harm.

My son, as usual, came to our bed last night. I must have been totally out because I do not remember bringing him into our bed. This morning I awoke to him next to me and I watched him sleep. He must have been dreaming because he laughed in his sleep. A cute laugh that indicated he was enjoying something funny, perhaps with his sister, or even one of his favorite movies.

Moments like this are some of the things that make me happy to be alive.