Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Diet: Phase 1

My husband has started a new diet and exercise program. I figured it would be great for both of us to do it together, so I offered to help him with the shopping and putting together the menu. I just finished my shopping list and whoa what a list it is! However, since most of it can be bought at the produce area, I am hoping that it won't break the bank. I am actually proud of him. Everything he has to eat is low sodium, fat free. This is a man that loves his junk food, salts most things before it ever reaches his mouth, a verified burger and fries lover, and would only drink creamer that DIDN'T say fat free. Now, he makes his own lunches and dinner, and wakes up way before I do to exercise and measure out his portions for the day. I am hoping that a better eating lifestyle will trickle down to the kids.

I can't say that I will follow his diet to the letter (no fruit??? what the heck?) it will definitely make my attempts at making mealtimes healthier easier. I won't have to remember to buy chips anymore. He will actually eat the fruit bars and granola bars that I buy for the kids, and not comment that fish isn't enough for him. I am already feeling the positive affects of his decision to live healthier. Yay for us!