Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Join, being careful not to twist

Do you ever read instructions and come across lines that make you go "Duh, I would NEVER do that...who would be that careless??" And then IT happens. You do that "careless thing" that you thought you would NEVER do. Well, that was me, a few days ago...when I ripped out my Lacey Tee (yet again). Even more embarrassing is the reason that I had to rip out all of the body (I had just attached the sleeves)...I think I already blogged about this. Ugh.

Anyway, I casted on, and I checked that I did not twist the stitches. I laid out my joined row to make sure that they were straight and started to knit the lace portion. In case you are reading this and do not knit, it is natural for the fabric to curl up and twist, if you are knitting in the round...but just a little. In fact, I checked a couple more times in the first few rows "just to check" that the stitches were not twisted...I did, I swear.

Apparently, I was not careful enough and when the 24 rows of the lace pattern were completed, I laid my knitting out again and UGH it was twisted. There I was, happily knitting along, noticing that it was twistier than normal, but hey, that's okay...I can "block it out" - which in knitter's lingo, means, I'll straighten it out later.

What an idiot...

So I frogged my beautiful lace AGAIN. I have to mention here though that the yarn that I am using, Rowan Purelife DK weight cotton yarn can take abuse. Hopefully that means that this darn...err...summer tee shirt will last a long time.