Saturday, May 22, 2010


So the weirdest thing this month is this number. I participated for the first time in Just Between Friends, a consignment event where I registered to sell my gently used baby/maternity related items. I sold my Breast Pump and maternity clothes, plus a couple of my daughter's jeans (very good condition). I made about $100 for all of the things that I sold. Plus, I was able to purchase some equally gently used clothes for both of my children, including a Float swim suit thing for my son for only $6.50. I spent about $65 for at several pieces of clothing and outfits that would have easily cost me at least a few hundred dollars if I had bought them new. Wooohoo! I intend to participate in this event regularly. My consignor number is 763.

Next, I participated, for the first time, in the Urban Dare Race with my good friend Beverly today. The cost of entrance into the event was about a bit more than I wanted to spend; however, the proceeds are going to benefit the Breast Cancer Society. It is like the Amazing Race but the checkpoints were located in our downtown and the Capitol. We expected to finish in less than 4 hours (and our goal was NOT to finish last - we met this goal - happy day!). It actually took us 3 hours; we probably could have finished in less than that, but we wound up backtracking a couple of times at the end of the race. Next year, we will plan our route better and perhaps place in the top 20. The weather was perfect which was GREAT considering that it was suppposed to rain. The sky was blue and clear, with puffy white clouds, a nice breeze to keep us cool, and the sun kept us just warm enough.

We took all of the necessary pictures and thought that we did all of the dares. However, we misread a clue - oops...something about a spellbound dare. We found the statue that were were supposed to find but we didn't read the clue carefully enough. However, in our defense, we did not see anyone there in a special t-shirt to indicate that we had to do more than take a picture in front of the statue.

There was also a bonus...something about having 4 people pose like they were shooting a bow and arrow. Unfortunately we missed this as well. This is actually a funny story: We asked a group of people who were eating lunch if one of them could do a cartwheel for us (one of the things on our list). They replied no, but I noticed their dog, so we asked them if we could shake their dog's paw (another challenge), to which they replied yes. After a few pleasantries, they asked us if we found some people for some bows and arrows...huh?? We said that we had no idea what they meant by this...haha...and we went on our merry little way. When we got to our final checkpoint, the facilator asked us if we did the bonus...of course not, we had no idea there was one - we were focused on the main challenges. The Bonus Challenge was asking 4 people to pose as if holding bows and arrows - doh!

Jackson (the dog) shaking our hands for a challenge - thank you Jackson! Good dog!

This was really fun and I couldn't have asked for a better partner. We were considering doing it next year with our kids....however, I don't think they are ready yet. We walked more than 5 miles, easily. Also, we lucked out on the weather. We may not be so lucky next year; plus, I am not so sure that our kids would be so keen on not being able to drive anywhere.

My race number: 763. What are the odds?

I have a book called Angel Numbers. I was curious - what could this particular number mean? I had dabbled in numerology a few years ago and definitely think there is something to it. So anyway, I looked up 763 and this is what the book said: The ascended masters applaud the path you've chosen, and they're ensuring that you're well taken care of along the way. Give them your fears, and ask them for help often. Isn't this interesting? At least for now, be it for today, this month, this year, day, I feel good that someone thinks that I am doing some things right.

The restaurant that has the same name as the movie where Kathy Bates was Adam Sandler's mother.

AAAAH finally a place to sit!