Friday, April 18, 2014

A Haven in the middle of a Suburban Jungle

I heard of a pond in the middle of Folsom, right across from an elementary school. The fact that such a thing existed didn't really surprise me; what did surprise me is how isolated it felt, despite where it was located.

I stepped onto the trail and walked along a picturesque pond, surrounded by marshes. The view was dotted with houses (lucky families!), pine trees

and a pair of Canadian Geese. 

I continued onto the path and followed it to the woods - the woods! What else would you call this sight? It was wonderful to see undeveloped nature in the middle of suburbia. 

Here too, I saw wildflowers 

On the way out, I saw more happy poppies 

and this guy - could he be one of the birds singing while I enjoyed my time in his woods?