Friday, April 18, 2014

Four Beavers

We visited the Effie Yeaw Nature Center with friends today. The kids led us to the American River

where they decided to build a rock-bridge to the islet a few yards from the rocky beach where we were sitting

they were able to place enough rocks in the river to walk across. Not enough to keep my kids dry though - my daughter fell in a few times! My friend and I watched the kids from afar and it looked like they were building another "bridge" 

looks like my son is taking a turn falling in the river

while we were left fend for ourselves against the geese!

At the edge of the rocky beach, we found some treasures:

nature's treasures

found treasures - it's a crab claw!


and a walking stick

All that we had to leave with nature, except for the memories. 

This one is my favorite :
Two Pals © 2014 Claire Toney