Friday, April 18, 2014

Trails trails and more trails

There is a trail that I keep driving past whenever I drive my kids to school. I always think to myself - tomorrow, I am going to bring my camera and hike that trail! Well, I finally did it. I dropped off my son at Spring Break Camp and took a detour. Lovely California Poppies greeted me...

It was a fairly well-paved trail...

with Winter Vetch still present, along with little yellow flowers whose name I am not familiar with yet (some day I will though!). In case you are wondering, Winter Vetch has darker colored flowers than Spring Vetch. In my very humble opinion, this deeper color is prettier =)

The best part is that there were some trails that led off to who-knows-where - a great place for exploring!

I followed one of the side trails and it didn't lead to anything really interesting. However, looking around the open field, I did notice some of the small wildflowers that grow abundantly in this area this time of year.


I also heard from a friend that the trails eventually lead to the river. I am happy to know this; I will probably take the kids here soon. In the meantime, here are some other photos of the flowers and plants that I saw:

Common Pineapple Weed

 Filaree, with Fairy Scissors!

Blue Dicks?

Hare Barley

Woolly Mullien


Ripgut Brome

Ithuriel's Spear 

 Shepherd's Purse?

Miner's Lettuce