Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break started this year on April 12. I found myself in Gold Country with my 2 kids so we decided to stop by the Gold Bug Mine. My son wanted to "mine for gems and gold" so I paid a whopping $6 for all three of us to pan for riches.

On Sunday, our family went on the Wildflower Walk at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. I enjoyed the soft sun on my skin and the soothing breeze on my skin as our guide, Rachael, took us around the park and introduced us to many of the plants that were finally making their appearance. 


Douglas Irises, near the front of the museum

Miner's lettuce

One of the many trees that call the EYNC home

Wild Turkeys showing off


and this little guy enjoying the shade. 

Today, I took the kids to the Hinkle Creek Nature Trail. Once we stepped onto the trail, the sounds of chirps, bird calls, and the gobbles of wild turkeys filled the air, and the sounds of civilization floated away. It was an easy, well shaded hike with just enough hilly terrain to keep things fun and interesting for the kids. 

I can't tell you how many times they ran up and down this part of the trail. My son declared, "I LOVE trails like this, mom!"

TONS of yellow and purple wildflowers carpeted the fields:

My husband said that this looks like something out of "Little House on the Prairie"

and although we didn't see a lot of wildlife, we did spot these:
Wild Turkeys - must be turkey season!

and a black lizard that my kids spotted. Can you see him on the log?