Monday, September 27, 2010

Doll Clothes

My niece has an American Girl Doll. Apparently, she LOVES her doll. I've seen books for these dolls and one of my knitting friends mentioned that some of them relate to different times in American History. I thought this was pretty interesting and humored the possibility of buying one for my daughter. Have you seen the cost of those dolls?!?! They are close to $100 retail. GAH! Plus the fact that my girl is not a girly-girl and isn't really all that interested, I dropped that idea faster than an overpopped popcorn bag. More shocking (to me, anyway) is the cost of the clothes for these dolls. Some of the outfits cost more than clothes that I buy for myself and my kids.

Anyway, my sister-in-law asked in passing if I could make clothes for her daughter's doll. I made a few for her last year and she seemed to like them; she still dresses her doll in those clothes. I figured I would make more for her this year (and practice my seaming - ha!). I made a dress for her in yellow Plymouth Encore and made a top in blue Berocco Comfort DK. I plan on making one more top in a pink color and will probably make some pants for the 2 tops. I also want to make a nightgown as well. If I have time, perhaps I can make matching sweaters...but at the moment that seems like a lot.

Hmmm...I almost wish my daughter was into these dolls. It would give me an(other) excuse to buy yarn and make more doll clothes.