Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Max's sweater: Part 2

I've frogged the sweater 4 times - GAH! Something about the Mary Rich Goodwin pattern was throwing me off - perhaps the short rows for the back and the way I was knitting them was creating a hole between the collar and the body. I decided to switch to the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern that I have and so far this is working out. I will knit a Fair Isle motif at the bottom of the body to match the hat that I made for him. I am using a Men's pattern. The smallest size listed is a 38inch chest, knit at a 16 sts per 4 inches. However, I am knitting it at 5 sts per one inch, so I figure that this will take in the pullover enough so that it is not GINORMOUS on him. I am also consoled by the fact that Max is a growing boy; I swear, everytime I see him, he grows half an inch. Soon he will be taller than me!