Sunday, June 12, 2011

Of Summer's Colors

I love colors, especially the colors of fresh produce. Today was awesome because I was surrounded by it. Even better, I was able to eat a lot of it. My husband laughed when I told him that if I could, I would eat fresh fruit all day, everyday. Just so you know, he is one of the sort that only eats blueberries for the health benefits (!) because he thinks they are too tart. Oh, well - I tell my kids, "More for us! Hahaha!" (in my best evil laugh)

My son declared that, "Strawberries are awesome!"  On this, I totally agree, although ripe Ruby Grapefruits and Rainier Cherries are so very close to the level of awesomeness that Strawberries hold in my book. Enough about my obsession over summer fruit - enjoy the photos!