Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strolling in the Rain

I took a stroll in the rain today. I saw these mushrooms. It is hard to believe that they were not there a few days ago when I took the same walk with my daughter.
I really liked how the earth colors came out in these pictures. The different shades of green and brown that are so evident during days like this are often overshadowed (so to speak) when the days are sunny. I wanted the pictures to look lush, soft, and earthy. I chose the Float film with the Hipstamatic for this purpose; I also wanted to see if I could capture the same feeling with my regular camera.

I think I succeeded...

The following two pictures were taken with the John S lens and Float Film:

The following four pictures were taken with my normal camera and no manipulations:

This last picture was taken with the Jimmy lens and Float Film: