Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

When I was a kid, Halloween was THE holiday to celebrate (aside from Christmas). You get free candy and you get to dress up as anything you want. I loved wandering around the neighborhood with my friends, knocking on doors, yelling TRICK OR TREAT and feeling my candy bag get heavier and heavier. Sometimes we got money, which was really cool back then because I could actually get some Annie (the movie) cards from Wawa, my neighborhood version of 7-11. Stickers and candy, what more could a girl want?

In our neighborhood, we do not receive many Trick or Treaters. Consequently, we normally spend the evening with our friends. What made this year different was that it was the first year that both of my children got involved with choosing their costumes.

My daughter has never been picky about her costume. Most of the time, I just chose one that I thought would look good on her and she usually agrees. She has been a Bumble Bee, a Spider, A Fairy Princess, Super Girl (2 years in a row! I got a lot of mileage from this costume), a black cat.

This year, we went to a Halloween store. My daughter mentioned wanting to be a dog, because she thinks she sounds just like a dog. 8 year old logic, what more can I say? Anyway, went to the store intending to buy her a dog costume. We couldn't find one, much to my daughter's disappointment. I told her to look around while I looked for a costume for her brother.

He saw the Ninja costumes and decided that he wanted to be a Ninja. We purchased a set of Tridents to complete his costume. I enjoyed his excitement about wearing his costume for Halloween - he told everyone we knew and often asked if he could wear his costume.

My daughter chose to be Cleopatra. It is a beautiful costume and she looked so grown up in it, especially with Egyptian makeup on.

I also dressed up the dogs. I have to admit, at the moment, I truly believed that I have the cutest dogs in the world. I found a witch costume for Pippin and an angel costume for Lucy last year at the Halloween clearance sale at Target.