Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mr. Cool with the Square Hat

I found a Woolly Wormhead pattern that I wanted to knit for my daughter's friend, Jessie. I love her independent spirit and I LOVE that she is not a girly-girl, just like my daughter. They get along so well, it is very hard to believe that they have not always been friends. I thought Bridget was the perfect hat for Jessie. Knit in the round, it is essentially a tube seamed at the top with pom-poms added for the "pigtails". There is no decreasing for the crown. I am not a current fan of pom poms so my idea was to add braids instead.

I forgot that I am a tight knitter...okay, maybe I am in denial, but whatever. I am also not used to the fact that my little girl is almost 9! How did she get so big? I mention these things because she and Jessie wear the same size; therefore, I used my daughter's head measurements for the hat.

After I finished the hat I attached one braid before I asked my daughter if she would try it on for size. She flinched and said that it was TOO TIGHT. UGH.

Just for fun, I placed it on my son's head (he is more than 5 years younger) and it fit him perfectly. He even wore it to bed that night. He loves this hat and gets upset if my daughter even looks at it. She teases him about it because of the one braid, but he does not care. He has claimed it.

I took pictures of him wearing it and I asked him if he wants the other braid on it, so both sides match. He said no.... In fact, each night, he asks me to make the braid that is attached a little bit shorter. Hmmm, maybe I should take the hint and just cut the darn thing off....