Thursday, November 4, 2010

So I have this idea...

I perused through Lorna Miser's Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting (signed copy from when she visited one of my FLYS last year) last night and happened upon her project for making your own needles. It looks pretty easy...just some polymer clay and imagination, supplies from the local hardware store, a hot glue gun, and patience. It occurred me that my daughter would love to make at least one set. I say this because she loves making little things. Miniature houses, miniature furniture, miniature food (she once made a mini pizza out of Floam), you name it. What a great project for us to do and, not to mention, fairly inexpensive.

Then I thought how great it would be if I could get her into knitting again. Then I thought that maybe the best way to do that would be to give her something easy peasy to do, like knitting squares for her Buggi. Then I thought that we could FELT some of those squares (making sure this was actually possible). And I thought, "WOW, I could TOTALLY incorporate the bean bags in our Social Science lesson about Japan." I remembered a game that I read about in one of my homeschooling books that Japanese girls used to play a game called Otedama with bean bags.

I feel like such a genius!

You see, these Japanese beanbags were called ojami and were filled with red beans that made a very distinctive sound when played with. Traditionally, grandmothers made them with silk kimono scraps. I don't have any pretty silk fabric scraps lying around (boo for me, they are so pretty) but I do have pretty scrap yarn, some even with silk. Most importantly, a lot of my beautiful yarn will felt nicely and are in the colors that she likes.

I can't wait to finish my holiday knitting. At the moment, it seems like it keeps growing, but that's okay because I still have over a month left to finish. Yeah, I'll stick with that.