Monday, November 29, 2010

Mom Cave: Phase One...Ooooga Boooga!

I finished cleaning and placing the furniture (most of it anyway) in my Mom Cave yesterday. It took all weekend but it was totally worth it. Attaching the shelves to the wall was a challenge...I have a particular talent for drilling into parts of the wall where the stud nails are - Grrrrr. Despite this, the brackets were attached by Saturday evening. I was determined to have the foundation of my cave done by the end of the weekend and it is. Yay!

I couldn't use the long piece of shelving that my friend gave me. This made me very sad because it was FREE and it was LONG and sturdy...okay, mostly I am bummed because it was free. For some reason, I could not let the changing table go, despite the fact that if I had, we would have had room for the FREE shelving. It's weird being that emotionally attached to a piece of furniture. I mean, really, it's only a few pieces of wood and screws, and the drawer doesn't work properly. However, it has been with us through all of our homes, it has never allowed either of my children to fall, has kept all of the diapering needs in one place for me, and even has space underneath to keep clothes. And the reason it has a problem drawer is because of me. Anyway, I opted to keep it. It's a nice piece of furniture anyway. I gave up the shelf and bought smaller ones.

I was able to get 2 shelves with brackets, plus 2 more shelves and cinder blocks - all for less than $100. My husband commented that I still have vertical space, so I took this as permission to get more shelves and cinder blocks for MORE shelf space. I plan on hanging pictures on the walls and knitting more decorations.

My only concern is that my son will want his room back...Where will I move my cave then?