Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alex's discovery

I took the dogs out for their walk yesterday, with both kids in tow. I am not normally this crazy, but my oldest begged to join me, and when my youngest heard my "Yes", he asked if he could too. He is 3, attached to my hip, and suffers from separation anxiety. I knew that he would spend the hour while I was at the park crying inconsolably. It pained me to know this (and to be honest, he was too cute) so I acquiesced.

We met up with our friends and started to walk our circle around the park. Being children, it is difficult for my son and daughter not to play. I had to be vigilant so that I did not lose track of any of my charges. After a few minutes, I reminded my children that, "Mommy only has two eyes, so you have to stay close!"

My son put his little hands on his eyes and announced, "I have two eyes too, Mom!"

Like I mentioned before, my son is a GENIUS.