Friday, July 16, 2010

Athos, Ribbed

I cast on for Norah Gaughan's Athos/Porthos/Aramis from her second booklet. I love the medallion detail. When I first bought this booklet a year ago, I didn't imagine that I would ever knit it because it looked so complicated. I am happy that I have grown as a knitter and feel comfortable tackling this piece; indeed, I've already planned to knit it in the round!

I am using Berocco's Cotton Twist in the chocolate brown colorway. I like the sheen that the rayon gives the fabric. Typical of my knitting pieces, I've already frogged it 3 times, each time because I was unhappy with the way the edge was curling. I've tried garter stitch (too much texture), seed stitch (same reason as garter), and considered double knitting it like Knitting Harpy did with her Jade Wrap but decided that it may ruffle. Then a lightbulb hit me yesterday while I was driving home from a yarn store - k1, p1 rib! A rib that looks like stockinette - why didn't I think of this before?? Probably because I am not a big fan of knitting rib. However, in this case, I will definitely make an exception. The look of stockinette without the texture is what I am looking for.

The yarn held up to my frogging surprisingly well. I say "surprisingly" because it is quite splitty, even with my pointy KnitPicks harmony needles. There are several places where the strands are permanently separated. In my 4th knitting attempt with this yarn, it does not look as smooth as it did when I first started this project. I hope this fact does not affect the quality of my finished project. I guess I will just have to knit and find out :/