Friday, July 23, 2010

The Sunset through my children's eyes

We just got back from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. On the way home, we had the privilege of seeing the sun go down and watching the colors of the horizon change from light blue to pastel pinks, purples, and orange, to the dark sky that my children associate with bedtime. My daughter in the back gave me a narrative of what she and her brother normally do at home during this time:

"Momma, at home when me and my brother are in bed, I go on my knees and he gets out of his bed and sits next to me on the bed and we look at the sky through my blinds and we watch the colors of the sky and it's so pretty and we say all the colors together and sometimes we see clouds and Alex says that they are broken but somedays they are fixed and when the sky looks like that, the clouds are orange and we call them Orange Clouds because the sky is orange and pink and other colors so that is why the clouds look orange and we like to look at them."

Her brother wanted to add to her story, so he adds, "Yeah, and we see orange clouds and they are broken but there are lots of colors - red and blue and orange - and I like it. There's no clouds out in the sky (meaning this afternoon) but there are colors."

I love my kids.