Monday, April 11, 2011

A Box, Duct Tape, and Desperation

I posted the other day about being too short to finish painting one of the walls in my living rooms. I wondered what short painters do to finish the job.

My husband finished painting that particular wall for me and assisted me in painting the opposite wall this weekend. I planned on painting one of the dining room walls today with no problem...Alas, I overestimated (again!) my height, and had serious trouble reaching the top of the wall and the corner. I became desperate, and what can I say - desperate times call for desperate measures. My eyes scanned the floor and I remembered that we have a few old phone books (who uses those for their intended purpose nowadays??). Hmmm...I pulled them out and stacked a couple on top of the ladder (I did say I was desperate). Still not tall enough - GAH! I realized that I needed more height, but how could I do this without breaking my neck?

Then I remembered that the guys at Sherwin Williams gave me a box to make it easier to carry my paint out the door. I placed three phone books into the box, filled the crevices with scrap paper, cardboard, and anything else I could find to make the box more stable and sealed the box with duct tape. I centered my makeshift painting box onto the ladder on the highest step possible, and stepped on it. It gave me just enough height to reach the ceiling and corner. If I could have done a happy dance and not fallen off, I would have!

I will never claim to be the smartest woman in the world, but I will claim to be a very resourceful woman. Wooohoo!