Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Foolin'

"You can't see me Mom!" But I did, with my sneaky camera - Bwahahahaha

It was a busy kind of day today. While we waited for his sister to be done with her STAR test installment today, my son and stopped by one of our thrift stores, which was having a 50% Off Everything Sale today. I found a wooden stool that will be a perfect refinishing project for me. I also found a colander for 75 cents, which my son used as a silly hat.

Afterwards, I took the kids to the park. It was only noon, but the temperature was already in the 80s. Wow! What a difference from last week!

We went home, had lunch, I gave my daughter her school work to do, then proceeded to take apart the stool. I took off the legs, using a blow dryer. I peeled off as much of the glue as possible and saw that the previous owner (?) had glazed the wooden parts unevenly. I plan on sanding down the uneven areas on the base, and sand down the legs. I am not sure yet if the legs will be painted, but I think I will be keeping the base alone; there is a cute apple and checkerboard motif on it that was stamped on. Very country chic...

I made an early dinner for the family, then headed out to the library book sale. I found several books to help me with homeschooling my daughter next year, as well as preschooling my son. I also found some decorating, furniture finishing, and paper craft books - money well spent, going back to my community. Tomorrow, I am headed to one of the biggest neighborhood garage sales in my area with one of my friends. We plan on being there early...Guess I should get to bed.