Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinner with Bacon

Bacon makes (almost) everything better. It's a proven least according to some certain men and children that I know. As far as I am concerned, turkey makes bacon better. That is a proven fact - 65% less fat and no less nummy.

My little boy helped me cook dinner tonight. We made Pasta Carbonara from I was a little concerned about the cholesterol factor. However, I halved the amount of butter and used Turkey Bacon instead of regular bacon. I debated on using the lowfat cream cheese, but decided against it because the hubby swears that regular cream cheese tastes better than the lowfat stuff. It was a big hit, so it's a keeper. Since The Man didn't notice that I used Turkey Bacon instead of the regular stuff, next time I'm going to sneak the lowfat cream cheese into the recipe.

I also made my boy a birthday cake. He was so upset that he did not get one last week (truly I had no idea that he noticed; he made no mention of the absence of a cake until he had a meltdown the other night - I felt like such a bad mommy!). He wanted a strawberry cake with orange frosting. His only special request was that it have his name on it - so cute!