Friday, April 22, 2011

Of Eggs and Chickens

My kids and I had a great time coloring eggs today with our friends. My friend raises chickens that lay brown eggs - when these were soaked in the colors, we got the most interesting and (in my opinion) beautiful, deep colors.

Additionally, I found a Tye-Dye Kit for eggs. The kit included a plastic mold with holes and 2 pieces of cloth. Using an medicine dropper, I was able to add interesting color effects to the eggs.

With all of the eggs that we used today, plus the amount of eggs that my family normally consumes per week, I am sorely tempted to raise my own chickens. However, my husband doubts the viability of this, another one of my "crazy ideas"...Unfortunately, I think this time, he may have a point. Both of my darling dogs go nuts when they see squirrels scampering on our fence. Can you imagine the ruckus they will make when they see chickens in the backyard?

I'll keep this idea open though...stay posted. You may see a post about chickens sometime soon.......