Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Painting and Happy Birthday

I made Chicken with Mushrooms from this morning for lunch. My husband and I were about to tackle moving the humongous entertainment center today, and I was hoping that it would give us both enough energy to move it. This was almost the only picture I took today. It took us all day to move the piece of furniture, paint the wall behind it RED (it needed 2 coats plus a million touch ups because the wall used to be a light neutral color - the more touch ups we did, the more we saw), move it back, tidy up the living room, make meals for the 2 kids, give the two dogs their 2 walks, pick up my daughter from a sleepover, stop by Home Depot, drive my daughter back and forth from a birthday party, and feed ourselves. Whew! We did it, though, and now we have a nice warm colors in our living room, instead of the garish yellowish white we had before. This week, I will tacke the dining room and part of the kitchen. I am hoping that this summer, I will be able to work on our bedroom. Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my brother!