Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Of Recycling, Gymnastics, and the Obsession

"Take the picture already mom!"

I took my kids today to the ReCreate Art Center in Roseville. LOTS of recyclables to be creative with: egg cartons, paper towel rolls, scrap fabric, even clean food containers that you bring home from restaurants. With all that inspiration, it was no wonder that neither I nor my kids could decide what to make.

After seeing the examples, we thought that the Rocket was the coolest thing that we could make. Made out of a caulking tube, foam shapes, and tissue paper, it took less than one hour to complete. To my amazement (and, unfortunately to my chagrine) both kids loved playing with them - (all over the store! Aaaaah!)

Afterwards, I took my son to Gymnastics. I cannot express to you how much love he has for this class.
And finally, the Spiral Sweater. I had insight the other night (while I was waiting to fall asleep) that it made more sense to use 3 interchangeable needles, instead of 3 fixed needles. This way, I knew for sure that I was using the same needle size.

It took a while, but I suppose it took the hiatus to make me figure this one out...