Monday, May 23, 2011

Of Shoes Squared

I think children's shoes are charming. They are so cute, some of them miniature versions of an adult's shoe except that they are made with velcro or buckle straps, the latter allowing the user to take them on and off by himself. Even the signs of wear, like the scuff marks and worn treads are endearing, symbols of growing independence. I still have my daughter's first pair of sandals and the patent leather tap shoes that she wore 4 times (you would never know it).

I noticed my son's shoes this morning next to the back door. He left them there yesterday when he came in. After he took them off, I whisked him away for his bath. He had been channeling his inner Julian Beever in the backyard and he was covered in pink and yellow chalk.

I took several pictures using several lenses and film to see which combination would give me the look that I wanted. I enjoyed seeing them in a group, so I thought I would share them with you.