Monday, May 16, 2011


I found this today. I had to have it.
Look how photogenic it is, especially after I cleaned it up. In fact, this was what I was doing when my husband came home.

It was upside down (gotta do a full cleaning with these things, ya know) when he first saw it and he said, "WHAT is that??" The look on his face told me that he thought that I was crazy for bringing this thing home. I told him and he replied (as if to reassure himself that he wouldn't have to look at everyday), "It's for your room, right?" I had to explain that it was upside down and he was noticeably more relieved. I will admit that it was filthy when I brought it home but, really?

I told you, he has no vision...

Anyway, here are the pretty pictures I took of it, both with my regular camera and with the Hipstamatic application: