Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photos d'époque de la journée

The day ended up clear, so I was able to walk with the dogs and take pictures just before the sun went down. I didn't use a flash for most of the pictures, and this is apparent with the ones taken with my regular camera. I also shot some photos using the different lenses, film, and flashes with my Hipstamatic app. My aim was to shoot appealing photographs that enhanced the subject matter, instead of depending on the effect to make the picture appealing. The major challenge with the app is that I only see part of the picture that the camera is taking. It takes getting used to, but for the most part, I wind up with happy surprises.

Normal camera:

Hipstamatic: Lucifer VI Lens, Cano Cafenol Film, no flash

Normal camera:

Hipstamatic: Robot Glitter Lens, BlacKeys B+W, no flash

Hipstamatic: Helga Viking Lens, Cano Cafenol Film, no flash

Hipstamatic: Kaimal Mark II Lens, Float film, Berry Pop flash

Hipstamatic: John S Lens, Float Film, no flash

I captured this when the weather was questionable earlier today. Kids are so easy to take a picture of, and my little boy is no exception...

Hipstamatic: Kaimal Mark II Lens, Float film, no flash