Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Nice Day

It's a rare time when, intentionally, I don't bring my knitting to an outing. Today was one of those times. Because of the storm systems that keep hitting our area, my kids and I suffer from cabin fever. Today, finally, the sun was shining and we could not wait to play outside.

It was so awesome to see fluffy, non-threatening clouds...Here, my daughter, is trying to get up onto a tire swing. She is not playing around - this thing was HIGH...My son enjoys swinging. However it takes him a few minutes to get used to the rhythm. After a few minutes, he was asking to "go faster Mom!" which means that he wants me to push him harder so that he can go higher (but not that high)...Now, I am home relaxing after a much-needed day outside. Here is a picture of my Monkey socks. I am done with the most boring part of the pattern and just started the lace pattern. See what I mean about them being fraternal? I am pretty sure that the lace pattern will get lost with these colors, but I do not care. I'll just keep calling them my Funky Monkey Socks.