Sunday, March 6, 2011

Of Holes in the Wall and Pictures of the Day

There used to be a gaping hole in this corner wall that is in between the living room and the front door. I bought a wall repair kit and fixed it today. Yay!

My husband and I are going to paint our living room a very nice and lush caramel/chocolate color. This, I am excited about. What I am not excited about is moving the very, very big entertainment center that is now housing the TV. I am trying to convince the hubby that we don't really need to paint that wall...I'll keep you posted on this development.

On a more creative note, here are the rest of my pictures of the day:
My little girl, all dolled up, eating a popsicle...Don't you remember being 9, wanting to wear something pretty, although the fanciest thing you had happening that day was breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
And the little boy eating the other half of the popsicle. His major complaint: "It's too cold mom!!!" Gee, ya think??