Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of Fairies

I played around with Photoshop Express on my IPhone today with one of the pictures I took outside. I like the picture, but it was taken at the end of the day and was very dark. I figured it wouldn't hurt to add a little bit of effect to it.
The effect reminded me of how fairies are depicted in the the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. So graceful, beautiful, pure.

My mind wandered to my children. In particular, I was reminded of my daughter when she was very young. I have always enjoyed dressing her up as a fairy princess in pretty flowery dresses. She happily obliged my fancies, spinning around in her dresses and clicking around in her patent leather shoes. My thoughts were pleasantly interrupted by harmonious giggles coming from the living room, where both of my children were playing. My babies...they may not be fairies, but precious all the same.