Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waiting for Spring

It's rare when I can snap a picture that captures the pure joy in my son. It makes me really happy when I do. I love his laugh. When he was an infant, one of his daycare givers told me that when she was tired at the end of the day, she would tickle him and his giggle would help her get through the day. He loves to play, in his very boyish way. Watching him punch the air and kick imaginary bad guys (with a look in his eye that tells you not to mess with him), you would think that he watches Power Rangers.
We were very happy to be able to spend some time outside in the backyard today. I figured that it was a nice reward for the spring cleaning that I started this morning.
After washing the pile of dishes that awaited me this morning, tidying up the living room, teaching my daughter about the parts of a circle, helping her with her Language Arts lesson, and attempting to teach her about the US Constitution, I cleaned the oven. It took a few hours (!) but it was worth it.
Ecstatic about the sun that broke through the clouds, I decided to take some pictures outside. I know that I have taken plenty of the plants in my backyard, but I have found that even in the same exact places, the light hits everything just a little different from the day before. I find the differences interesting.
I stepped out of the patio door and looked up at the sky. I couldn't help but take a picture. For dinner, I made Pizza Casserole. The family it, and although I made a major goof, it was a fairly painless and quick meal.

Tonight I am working on my Pinwheel Sweater. Getting an Addi Click set just for the 72 inch needle is starting to look really tempting right now...