Monday, March 7, 2011

Tulip Head

One of my friends is a teacher in a nearby school district. She received a lot of things from her students for Valentine's day: lollipops, sweetheart candies, and a felted tulip basket. She gave me the basket filled with these goodies for my kids. I told her that she spoils my kids, and for sure, my daughter would LOVE the basket. I was right:

I also have an update on my painting project. I visited Home Depot and grabbed more paint cards and paint booklets. Perusing through them gave me some "radical ideas". That's what my husband calls my brainstorms. Anyway, I convinced him to agree on 3 different but related colors. I even suggested that we can match the color behind the entertainment center to the new colors so that we don't have to repaint that wall. I have it all figured out, right? NO! He wants a darker color on that wall. D***!

Well, at least he is letting me pick the colors...