Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Blue Pinwheel

I wish I could describe just how pretty this yarn is. Truly the pictures do not do them justice...the colors are rich and deep and they blend so well it is almost magical.

I've decided to take the plunge and make a Pinwheel Sweater out of my Blue Suzanne and Ebonholtz Wollmeise skeins. I tried hard to find someone who has used single strand sock yarn for this pattern to no avail. I made a circular shawl using worsted weight yarn and it feels really bulky around my neck. I am hoping that the construction of this circular-type garment plus the lighter yarn weight will make this sweater more comfortable to wear.

I caked the skeins this morning. Look how pretty...

I used the figure eight cast on. You can see this cast on with the below video from YouTube. I found this cast on in Knit Hip Hats from Cathy Carron and thought that it would make a prettier cast on than the one described in the pattern. I cast on 8 stitches, though, as the pattern stated.

I knit the first row and started the increases on the second row. Otherwise, I am following the pattern as stated.

I contacted the designer of the sweater through Ravelry and she suggested knitting the increases until the piece measured about 4” wider than my back, shoulder to shoulder. At this point, I would do the provisional cast on for the sleeves at the appropriate place in the sweater.

So far I love knitting with the yarn. The colors are beautiful and I enjoy looking at the way the pattern spirals out from the center. I almost wish I had a couple more skeins of Blue Suzanne so that I won't need the darker Ebonholtz, which is a very dark chocolate brown/black. Scoring another skein, however, will probably be harder than keeping my kids quiet for a whole afternoon so that I could knit...which wouldn't be so bad...