Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obsession Sidetracked

I went to IKEA today to look for some furniture. Our home is in desperate need of a makeover, and we have accepted the fact that some of our furniture is too BIG for our space. My husband agreed to sell his La-Z-Boy recliner, so that we have room for a new couch. I am also looking for a room divider to separate the space between the play area and the dining room. The kids also need new beds...Did I mention that I have to do all this on a budget? While it is fun to look for new things, the cost always brings down the excitement.

I still look in thrift stores, but one of the main problems that I have is that we don't have a way to transport the big things that we need. Can you imagine me fitting a bunk bed like this in my Camry?? I don't think so...This is the reason I like IKEA so much; the prices of their NEW furniture are wthin our budget and they offer shipping at a reasonable cost.

I tend to get obsessed with projects until they get resolved and unfortunately, this project is going to take a few months. I guess it's good that I have my knitting to take my mind off of furniture for a while...