Sunday, February 20, 2011

Obsession Sidetracked cont' or the Almost Disaster

If you have ever *needed* to get a new couch, whether for purely non-practical reasons, or because your dog had a horrible, gross accident on your old one, then you may have had to struggle with getting the old one out of your home. When I lived in an apartment, I remember being grateful that we didn't live on the 12th floor - moving out with big pieces of furniture would be pretty darn tough.

Lucky for us, we only have a one story home. However, we bought a couch that was SO BIG that I disliked it since it passed through the front door (and this it did just barely). The broken front tiles will attest to that (GRRRRR). The worst part of this fact is that we have a small home. Its size made the living room look THAT MUCH smaller. Truly, I think that my husband and I forgot that we downgraded from our first house in Elk Grove, which was GIGANTIC (sniff, I miss the space).

Anyway, we need to get a new couch. In case you are curious, my reasons are for the latter reason that I listed above. You don't want to know what exactly happened...Ick! is all I have to say about that. Thank God for tax returns!

The trash collectors will be at our house tomorrow morning to pick it up, provided that we put it out on the curb for them. My husband and I attempted to take it out of our living room through the front door. When that didn't work, we attempted the back patio door. It got stuck because it had feet. My husband and I realized after looking carefully at the bottom of the couch that we could take the feet off. In fact, once we did this, the whole couch fell apart(!). Oh Joy!

I vacuumed the space that was just vacated by the monster.
We went to IKEA and agreed on a loveseat and an ottoman. We also agreed to get the children a bunk bed. I have plans for our living room and I am very excited.