Thursday, February 10, 2011

Of Bowling, Pinwheels, and Thrift Store Finds

My son found a child's bowling set yesterday while I was furniture shopping at one of the thrift stores that I frequent. I figured, why not? All of the pieces are made of bean bag materials. They won't make any noise and if he plays with it in the house, nothing will break (that was my hope anyway). He was so excited.

I helped him reform the pins yesterday for an hour, until I decided that he should know how to do it himself. His sister got creative and showed him how to make different shapes with the pins. He was happy making rectangles, diamonds, and circles with the pins (the latter didn't work too well). This morning, he was at it again. He was singing while he was putting the pins together, so I hoped to catch him during a song. This is what I captured instead:

Well, I can always say that he is persistent!

His sister went to a Valentine's Day party at her school in the afternoon. We killed time waiting for her to get out (2 hours!) at the nearby McDonald's where my son played and I worked on my Blue Pinwheel Sweater.

Since we were so close to the thrift store, I figured I would take a little look around to see if I could find furniture that we can use for our front room. I was so happy when I found this:

Woohoo! I love thrift store finds!