Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of Silliness and Nummy Brownies

My son is very silly
He likes to wear hats. Today, he wanted to wear his green camouflage hat (that was supposed to be mine, BTW). He found a fake flower, thought it was pretty, and decided to put it on the top of his green hat.

I thought this was cute and funny. He becomes a ham when I take pictures of him and likes to make silly faces. He has a great time looking at the shots that I take of him.

My husband took the kids to his mother's house for the weekend. Yesterday, my son helped me make brownies. He remembered how nummy they were and asked to eat some for his snack. At the time, it was only 9:00 in the morning, so in true mother fashion, I said, "Yes, but you have to eat them at Ba-Chan's (his grandmother's) house." I cut some up and put them in a plastic sandwich bag to take on the road. He carried these brownies around until they left...30 minutes later.

A little smooshed brownie never hurt anyone. I would not be surprised if he ate them all...Bwahaha!