Monday, February 28, 2011

Of Oranges, Flowers, and the Pinwheel Continued

I have changed to the following pattern:

Purl 1 round. Knit 1 round. Repeat these last 2 rounds 3 times. On the last
knit round increase 1 st. every section by knitting into the front and the
back of one stitch.

Repeat these 6 rounds until the desired size. The sample sweater has 126
rounds and 7 colours, and ends with 49 stitches in each section, 392 stitches

Since my gauge is at 7.5 stitches per inch, I will have many many more stitches on my needles when I finish my sweater. Right now, after doing 2 repeats of the aforementioned pattern, I have 72 stitches per section. There are 8 sections. I timed how long it is taking me to do one row - 27 minutes.

Given that it takes me 27 minutes to do the 576 stitches on each row, it is going to take me a few more weeks to complete this sweater. I am glad that I am using fingering weight yarn and can't wait to wear this sweater during the summer. At the rate I am going, winter will be over when I bind off...Wow I am looking forward to that!